About the Listserv

The purpose of the Friends of Five Points Listserv is to provide an easy way for subscribers to exchange information about matters of common interest in the Five Points community of Athens, Georgia.


Subscribe to FOFP Listserv by following one of the two options below. To prevent others from subscribing you without your permission, you will be sent an e-mail message asking you to verify your subscription.

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Who may subscribe to this listserv?

Anyone can subscribe to this listserv. You do not need to be an FOFP member to become a listserv subscriber. Our aim is to be inclusive; however, we reserve the right to remove any subscriber from the listserve for any reason.

Send a message to the list

To post a message to the listserv, send an e-mail message to with your comment, question, or concern. Please remember that, unless there is a technical problem with your posting, your e-mail will immediately be sent to over 1,100 subscribers.

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To view the collection of prior postings to the listserv, visit the FOFP Archives. You must have a password to view the archives. Receive a password reminder by visiting this login page.

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Friends of Five Points Listserv Policy

The Friends of Five Points listserv aims to enhance the quality of residential life in and around the Five Points area of Athens through the online sharing of information about matters of common interest. Membership to the listserv is open to any person or business that wishes to support our goals.

The FOFP listserv provides an electronic forum for announcements, questions and discussion pertaining to living in the Five Points neighborhood of Athens, Georgia. Please place a descriptive subject line on all e-mails so that recipients can easily determine whether they wish to open it. Any views or opinions expressed in e-mails (and attachments) posted to the listserv are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Friends of Five Points neighborhood organization.

This is an un-moderated listserv. Listserv contributions that are posted correctly are sent immediately to members (without having to go through an approval step). The role of the listserv administrator is solely to manage subscriptions and monitor communications for violations of the code of conduct policy. The listserv administrator does not generally exercise editorial control.

By joining this e-mail listserv and communication group, you agree to follow the etiquette guidelines set by the FOFP board.  You must adhere to the etiquette guidelines in order to be a listserv member in good standing.

The FOFP board reserves the right to modify these guidelines, and reserves the right to exercise discretion when addressing listserv policy violations.


The FOFP listserv administrators reserve the right to suspend listserv subscriptions for anyone who repeatedly violates the policies and guidelines outlined herein. The FOFP listserv administrators enforce a “Three Strikes and You’re Out Policy.”

Publicly posting (by listserv subscribers) about perceived listserv violations and moderation is not allowed on the listserv. Subscribers may privately e-mail the moderators with a complaint or suggestion. Public conversations about moderation detract from the intended purpose of the listserv.

FOFP listserv etiquette guidelines:

  • Post reasonably and responsibly.
    • Please respect other subscribers of the listserv. Please use this listserv only to communicate event information, news and items of interest to FOFP members.
    • Be courteous and respectful.
    • Please keep posts neighborly by refraining from personal attacks.
  • Keep it readable.
    • Please use descriptive headings in the subject line for all messages that you post to the listserv.
    • When writing a message, keep it brief and state the purpose in the first paragraph.
  • Respect the privacy of others.
    • Posting someone’s home address or phone number or posting private or personal correspondence without their permission is not allowed.
  • Keep it relevant.
    • Local business owners who are members of FOFP can share occasional information about special events of interest to residents or emergency services to serve the residents of Five Points. Postings directly from commercial entities are not allowed. Occasional postings about personal services (babysitting, dog walking, etc.) from members of FOFP are welcome.
  • Keep out spam.
    • Posts from emails that are not registered with the FOFP listserv are reviewed and approved at the discretion of the FOFP listserv administrator. The listserv administrator typically catches spam and emails sent to multiple addresses.

Further Etiquette Guidance

Developed in July 2017 to address and clarify issues that come up from time to time on the listserve. These are subject to change at the discretion of FOFP.

We encourage members to discuss issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil, and builds community. In general, please don’t use the FOFP listserve as a soapbox. It’s okay to use the listserve to mobilize neighbors to attend a meeting, event, rally, etc. However, please refrain from pushing pet projects too hard, ranting, over-posting,  dominating/hijacking conversations, posting your personal views on controversial issues, or political campaigning.


The FOFP listserve is meant to be a place for neighborly discussion. You are encouraged to post about topics that matter to you and rally your neighbors to take action, but please do so without ranting. How can you tell something is a rant? It is a message that makes members feel shouted at and usually includes a combination of the following: ALL CAPS, excessive punctuation, provocative language, judgmental accusations, or repetitive explanations.


Over-posting means repeatedly posting about the same topic or about items for sale in a way that annoys your neighbors.

Dominating or hijacking conversations

A great neighborhood is like a great team. Research has shown that teams work best when conversations are not dominated by one or just a few voices. We believe that this applies to neighborhoods as well. Regularly dominating conversations, shouting down others, or hijacking conversations to return to your issue is not acceptable behavior on the FOFP listserve.

Controversial issues

As with all listserve conversations, we encourage members to discuss issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil, and builds community. However, do not use the listserve to air your personal views on non-local issues that are known to be highly controversial (e.g. presidential politics). Our intent is that the FOFP listserve be a place where neighbors can discuss the local issues that are important to them, but that these conversations remain civil and respectful. We recognize that local issues, such as ballot initiatives and development, are important for neighborhoods and communities to discuss but can also be divisive. Please do not attack, berate, bully, belittle, insult, harass, threaten, troll, or swear at others or their views even if you disagree with them. Please treat each other with respect. Listserve conversations must remain civil. This is not always easy because we care passionately about the places we call home – our neighborhood.

Politics and campaigning

Discussions of political issues that affect your neighborhood are an important part of building community, yet these conversations can often turn heated as they can bring out deeply held opposing views. We rely on every member to use their good judgment and restraint to keep such conversations productive. You may discuss local ballot measures or elections in a civil and respectful manner. You may introduce yourself once if you are running for local public office. You may post local politics-related events, like voter registration drives, information sessions, rallies, etc. You may not tell your neighbors how to vote on a specific issue or candidate. This is campaigning and is not allowed. You may not over-post about your preferred candidate or issue – the FOFP listserve is not a campaign mailing list.

Discussion of non-local politics or non-local policy issues is discouraged. If a non-local political issue is raised, we recognize that there is value in neighbors discussing such issues, but we ask the participants to move the conversation into a private email thread. If, for example, you see a non-local policy issue come up that you would like to discuss with your neighbors, you could send an e-mail to the listserve and ask anyone who wishes to join the conversation to e-mail you privately so that you can start a thread. You could also suggest a group meeting to talk about the issue.

Adapted from Next Door’s Community Guidelines  (

Helpful hints and common technical issues

  • Messages intended for the listserv should be posted
  • Several of our listserv subscribers are having difficulties opening attachments if they receive the e-mail in digest format. We are currently (July 2015) working on a solution to this problem and will inform you when we have one.
  • Make sure to post only from the address you used when you originally subscribed to the listserv. This is the most common reason the server rejects e-mails. Many of you have multiple addresses, and often you may not even realize which one you’re posting from.
  • When you post to the listserve, make sure that you send your message only to If you include the FOFP listserv address in a list of e-mail addresses, the server will reject it. It’s a spam-filter thing.
  • Messages (including any attachments) can be a maximum of 10MB in size. That means you can’t send multiple large photos and other large documents. The reason for this limitation is so that you don’t crash subscribers’ systems. If you have a big attachment, you will need to reduce the file size before you send it.
  • If you file a spam complaint with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your ISP often automatically removes you from any and all listservs you’re subscribed to. The most common problem with have is with AOL users. We know that it’s tempting to file spam complaints, but before you hit that button, remember that you will have to re-subscribe yourself to listservs like FOFP.
  • A lot of people can not see the e-mails they post to the list. If this is a problem for you, you’ll need to go into your own settings and fix it. At the bottom of any e-mail you receive from the listserv, click on the link to update your settings. You might need to create a password (or have the system send you your password). In the gray table, you will see a section called “Receive your own posts to the list?”. Click on Yes and save by clicking on “Submit Your Changes” at the bottom.
  • There are many other settings that you can update in this same screen, such as your subscription address and the digest setting. Digest is an option you can choose if you just want to receive one digest e-mail per day rather than multiple e-mails. Please note that choosing the digest option means that you will not receive time-sensitive e-mails until the daily digest arrives, such as lost/found pet notices, last minute Bulldog game or concert tickets, etc.
  • Many of you are less technically savvy. Please let us help you if you’re having any issues. If changing your subscription address, changing to digest, or other issues are beyond your ability, just let us know. We can do some of those things from our end. If you have any questions or problems, just let us know! Listserv questions should be directed