December 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Five Points,

The Friends of Five Points Neighborhood Association held its Annual Meeting on November 18, 2014, at the No. 3 Firehall in Five Points. We heard reports from each of our committees (link here to full minutes), then we elected our officers for 2015. They are as follows:

Chair:                          Alice Kinman

Vice Chair:                  Kevin Florence

Secretary:                    Paige Cummings

Financial Officer:        Joyce Kitchens

Because Hank Qadir, Chair for 2014, had to step down, Sara Beresford graciously agreed to stay on another year as Past Chair.

The meeting included a lively discussion about what Friends of Five Points does and can do to further our mission “to enhance the quality of life in Five Points by facilitating communication among our neighbors.” As Chair, I shared two goals that I have for Friends of Five Points for the coming year:

  • To sponsor at least one adult-friendly activity centered on our business district
  • To structure future Board meetings, which are open to all members, around information sessions about government and other community services.

I invite your ideas and suggestions for these programs.

The Friends of Five Points Board would like to wish all of our members and neighbors a very merry holiday season!


Alice Kinman
FOFP Board Chair

2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Friends of Five Points Annual Meeting

November 18, 2014

No. 3 Fire Hall

  1. Welcome from Interim Board Chair, Alice Kinman
  2. Reports on Activity for 2014:
    1. Financial Report: Interim Financial Officer Joyce Kitchens provided a Financial Report showing a current balance of $5,995.18 (as of October 15). The biggest expenditure of the year was the Easter Egg Hunt ($889.75). There was some discussion about finding a way to reduce the bank charges, which are currently nearly $10/month. Joyce agreed to work on that.
    2. Website: Website Coordinator John Weatherford reported on various updates and improvements made to the website this year, making it much easier to navigate and also adding a feature that allows neighbors to sign up for or renew memberships online, as well as check their membership status.
    3. Listserv: Sara Beresford, who replaced Jill Gambril as Listserv Coordinator during the course of 2014, reported that the listserv is running smoothly. She noted the update to the listserv policy that the Board approved, under Jill’s leadership, earlier this year.
    4. Membership: Membership Coordinator Kristen Nielsen reported on the current state of our membership. After a successful membership drive earlier this year, Friends of Five Points has 279 household members. Kristen suggested that in the upcoming year the Board look into providing some sort of service that reminds members when their membership is up for renewal and perhaps even allowing for an opt-in automatic renewal service.
    5. Business Relations: Business Relations Coordinator Kevin Florence (owner, Add Drugs) reported on successful partnerships between the Friends of Five Points and the Five Points Business Association, most notably the Holiday Market, which was a success despite bad weather. He reported that the FPBA is in discussions about how the two organizations can work together to provide ways for residents and businesses to interact.
    6. Government and Community Relations: Government and Community Relations Coordinator Susan Field reported on her efforts to keep the FOFP community informed of important events, government announcements, community meetings, etc. She reported that our membership in the Federation of Neighborhoods is up to date and that FOFN has had some very successful forums in 2014.
  1. Election of Board Officers for 2015-17

The following slate was presented:

Alice Kinman              Chair
Kevin Florence            Vice Chair
Secretary                     Paige Cummings
Financial Officer         Joyce Kitchens

The slate was approved unanimously.

  1. Some discussion was held about the Board Meeting Calendar for 2015. Since one Board member was absent, it was agreed that the Board Chair would poll members by email and report on the Meeting Calendar at a later date.


September 2014 Notes

Dear Residents and Friends of Five Points,

I hope you’ve had a delightful summer and a relaxing Labor Day weekend. If you were out of town, you missed the many tailgate parties in the Five Points neighborhoods prior to the Clemson game and the busy scenes at Five Points businesses.  Along with the presence of the University of Georgia, the Milledge Avenue fraternities and sororities, restaurants and retailers alongside graceful and historic homes contribute to the truly unique energy and atmosphere that we enjoy at Five Points.  Let us all enthusiastically support more new businesses and renovations of some old structures to newer fraternities and sororities.

Although my term as Chair of the FOFP board continues until the end of this year, due to a hectic travel schedule this fall I have reluctantly decided to step down effective immediately.  Chair-elect Alice Kinman will serve out the rest of my term as the interim Board Chair. The next Chair will be elected at our annual meeting in October.  I am deeply grateful to her for her willingness to take over as Chair ahead of the regularly scheduled transition.  I thank you all for the opportunity to Chair such a committed Board.  The work of the Board is often invisible to residents, but you should know that the members of the Board: Alice Kinman, Sara Beresford, John Weatherford, Joyce Kitchens, Paige Cummings, Susan Field, Kevin Florence, Kristin Nielsen and Jill Gambill go over and beyond the call of duty in working for the interests of the neighborhood.

Alice Kinman will be writing to you in the near future with more information on the FOFP Annual meeting, which is slated for Wednesday, October 15th. Time and location will be announced soon.

Meanwhile let’s look forward to another great year for the Dawgs – perhaps matching their accomplishments from the early 1980s!

We are a volunteer organization and we will always count on your leadership and participation on committees for such events. Please send your ideas and suggestions to


Hank Qadir
FOFP Board Chair

P.S. If you would like to check the status of your FOFP membership and/or renew, please see:

June 2014 Notes

Dear Residents and Friends of Five Points,

 As I write to you, summer is beginning to nudge out our long, cool spring.  We see this change in our neighborhood as the hustle bustle of the students, the festivities of the fraternities/sororities and the lines outside Yoforia give way to more family centered activities. This is the time to savor the very different mood of the Five Points in the summer. 
FOFP has a new Treasurer – Joyce Kitchens was voted in by the Board to this position, replacing John Wolfe who has served the organization in an outstanding fashion over the past several years, but will be leaving to work in Atlanta. We thank him and hope to see him at our Annual meetings and other Five Points events when he can join us.  Joyce is a local attorney and we are delighted that she will be joining the Board.
Our Annual meeting is slated for Wednesday, October 15th. We shall provide more information about the Annual meeting in late August after the FOFP Board meets in June/July and finalizes the agenda. The Annual meeting is a time to bring in new leadership to the FOFP Board. Currently, all Board members are serving their term until December 2015, but as per our By-Laws, the Board Chair and the Secretary need to be elected each year. We will post a copy of our current By-Laws on the website in the near future.   (Thanks to the excellent work of John Weatherford, our crack website coordinator, along with the assistance of Susan Field, our website is now much easier to navigate.)
We welcome your ideas and suggestions for the issues that you would like to see us discuss. We would also like to hear from our members as to any activities that you would like the FOFP to organize. At our last two meetings, we brainstormed on ways of how our community can get together and opportunities for local businesses to host or sponsor neighborhood events. We are a volunteer organization and we will always count on your leadership and participation on committees for such events. Please send your ideas and suggestions to
We thank each of you in participating in our listserv and adding to the dialogue. I wish you a safe and pleasant summer.
Hank Qadir
FOFP Board Chair

P.S. If you would like to check the status of your FOFP membership and/or renew, please see:

FOFP Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 19th at 11 AM

IMG_3643 copy

The 8th annual Friends of Five Points Easter Egg Hunt will be held at Memorial Park at 11 AM on Saturday, April 19th.

Bring your family to see the Easter Bunny and take part in our neighborhood tradition. Everyone is welcome to this free family event, which is co-sponsored by Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services. Please come to the lower field next to the children’s playground.

We need volunteers to arrive early (8:45AM) for set-up; please send an e-mail if you can volunteer (

IMG_3707-1 copy



From the archives: Newsletters December 2007-April 2011

Per the wonderful suggestion of Board Member Susan Field, we’ve added some categories to our News section: Newsletters, Events, and History. These new categories will allow us to keep better track of the materials we post to the site, and hopefully it’ll help guests find what they’re looking for more quickly.

As part of adding these categories, we’ve moved older Newsletters over from the Resources page to this post. If you haven’t yet, take a look at these documents from our recent past!

March 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Five Points,

We trust that you are enjoying the Spring Break in Athens and enthusiastically awaiting the return of the students.  The Friends of Five Points Board has been busy this month!  Here are the highlights.

First, we welcome Kevin Florence, pharmacist and owner of Add Drugs, as the Five Points Business Association Representative on our Board. Kevin, along with the entire Five Points business community, can count on our support for anything that will help that community to continue to thrive.

Recently, the Board approved a new Listserv policy.  Many thanks go to Board member Jill Gambill, who serves as listserv administrator, for developing this policy with Board input.  Over the years, the listserv has worked very well for the overwhelming majority of the folks who participate in this forum.  While the listserv is largely a self-governing community, the Board does define policies to keep it the great resource that it is. In addition, we stop spam and inappropriate advertising attempts on a regular basis. All in all, our members have self-regulated so that what is expressed is done so in a respectful way, and we hope that continues. This self-regulation depends on common sense and a little give and take.  As we all know, a perfect policy cannot be construed for public listserv, but we hope the new one provides appropriate guidelines. It is important to note that this policy is subject to revision, if we see that more detail or clarification is needed.

Another project that the Board is working on is to gather materials that are pertinent to the history of FOFP.  Board member Susan Field is spearheading this effort.  If anyone has copies of past minutes from FOFP committee meetings or reports done by a committee, please contact Susan.  The purpose of this effort is to make these documents available for future use or research.  Once the inventory is complete, Susan will contact the Heritage Room in the Athens Regional Library to see if these materials could be housed in its archives.

As everyone knows, we are in an election year, and we can expect that issues important to FOFP will be discussed by candidates seeking office at every level.  FOFP will support all efforts by the Federation of Neighborhoods to hold forums and debates for candidates for the various elected offices that are up for election. We thank Susan Field, our liaison with the Federation, for keeping our membership informed about these events on all related activities.

The Board is always working to improve communications within the FOFP community.  To this end, Board member John Weatherford has recently repaired some broken links at our website,  If you experience any problems with our website, please let us know so that we can fix them.

Finally, we shall be holding our Annual meeting in late Spring, with the date to be announced soon. At this time, I would like to urge each of you to consider serving on one of the Committees: Government and Community Relations, Business Relations, Membership, Listserv, and Website.  Each committee is chaired by a Board member, and you can visit for more information about each Board member’s role. We are specifically looking for folks who have expertise in the following areas: bookkeeping, updating the website, and managing the listserv. If you are interested in joining us in any of the areas where our Board members serve, please contact us. We would be delighted to have you join us. An organization such as ours can only thrive if we have broad participation from our members. We have a hard-working Board, but it would be comforting to know that we have folks to back up each position.

We thank each of you in participating in our listserv and adding to the dialogue.

Hank Qadir

FOFP Board Chair

February Newsletter

Dear Friends of Five Points,

As I walked my dog on Wednesday evening along the Fire Station, it seemed like Christmas Eve with most of the businesses closed. The snow on the ground added to that Holiday feeling. Waffle House seemed to be doing brisk business as usual. But, it was the sound of music, laughter and the savory smell coming from the Royal Peasant that gave that feeling that this is a special place. There were just a few cars in the adjacent parking lot which indicated that some of the residents had walked over to one of their neighborhood pubs.

There is no doubt that it is these local retail businesses, the mixed-use developments, and the diversity of the residents that make Five Points such a desirable place to live in Athens. At our last Board meeting, we discussed Business memberships and how neighborhood businesses and the residents may benefit joining our organization – we are also awaiting the Five Points Business Association to appoint a person to our Board so we may work with them to help us determine how we may structure this without seeming biased towards any establishment.

This week on the listserv, we had an interesting exchange of thoughts on the fine line between endorsements and ads. Over the years, the listserv has worked out very well for the overwhelming majority of the folks who participate in this forum. Also, the Board does define policies and pay attention so that we keep our listserv as the great resource that it is. We stop spam and advertising attempts fairly often. When I introduced our Board last year, I indicated that Jill Gambill had the most difficult job of monitoring the site, and I believe it could not have gone any better. All in all, our members have self-regulated so that what is expressed is done so in a respectful way, and we hope it continues. Coming up with a comprehensive policy that looks like our tax code is not the solution, as much of this self-regulation depends on common sense and a little give and take. Besides, a perfect policy cannot be construed for public listserv. We will bring this up for discussion again at our next meeting as we did at our last meeting. I invite your input on any caveats that should be considered when we put together a policy.

The listserv has allowed many residents to connect with each other for support at various times. It has provided some of us with a sense of our local community and it has kept us informed of events and issues that we may not have come across so easily. We trust that you were warm, safe and dry during the ice and snow. The sun is out as I write, but it will be a while before the slush is gone.

Hank Qadir

FOFP Board Chair

December Notes

Dear Residents and Friends of Five Points,

We trust that you had a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving Holidays. On Sunday, November the 24th, The Five Points Business Association held its Annual Holiday House. Fleet Feet sponsored the Meridian Women’s Chorus for spreading a little holiday cheer, the Chefs from Cinco and Diez treated the visitors with a cup of hot chocolate, Athens Running Company and Earth Fare provided cookies for children, Up n’ Away Balloons treated the children with balloons and we, the Friends of Five Points, sponsored the visit from Santa, courtesy of Hodgson Building which allowed the Santa a place to have pictures taken on a cool breezy afternoon. It was a joyous afternoon as we enter the Christmas season. We thank the FOFP Business Association for their efforts and without the success of the Five Points Businesses; our neighborhood would not be the most desirable place to live in Clarke County.

Over the weekend, you should have received our Membership mailer; FOFP has initiated a membership drive so that we can bring in the new residents of Five Points Neighborhood.

It is the participation of our residents that makes us a vibrant community. Membership in our organization allows us to maintain a structure in place that can be mobilized at any time the neighborhood sees a need to protect our property values or enhance our quality of life. It is with your continued support and participation that we can make our organization relevant so that the residents can do what it takes to preserve our neighborhood’s uniqueness and vibrancy.

We ask each and every household on this listserv to reach out to your neighbors and ask them to join our listserv – – This would help us tremendously with our membership drive. If you have student renters in your neighborhoods, please reach out to them also. We want to make them feel part of our community and help them in their issues dealing with absentee landlords and deteriorating properties.

We will continue to send out frequent updates as to what the Board is doing, introducing you to new Businesses and giving you some history of our neighborhood.

Next year, there will be elections for mayor and commissioners and we will seek opportunities where our residents can participate to get to know our candidates well and where they stand on the issues. We look forward to your participation and hearing from each of you.

The FOFP Board wishes each of you a safe and festive Christmas season.

Hank Qadir – Board Chair