June 2014 Notes

Dear Residents and Friends of Five Points,

 As I write to you, summer is beginning to nudge out our long, cool spring.  We see this change in our neighborhood as the hustle bustle of the students, the festivities of the fraternities/sororities and the lines outside Yoforia give way to more family centered activities. This is the time to savor the very different mood of the Five Points in the summer. 
FOFP has a new Treasurer – Joyce Kitchens was voted in by the Board to this position, replacing John Wolfe who has served the organization in an outstanding fashion over the past several years, but will be leaving to work in Atlanta. We thank him and hope to see him at our Annual meetings and other Five Points events when he can join us.  Joyce is a local attorney and we are delighted that she will be joining the Board.
Our Annual meeting is slated for Wednesday, October 15th. We shall provide more information about the Annual meeting in late August after the FOFP Board meets in June/July and finalizes the agenda. The Annual meeting is a time to bring in new leadership to the FOFP Board. Currently, all Board members are serving their term until December 2015, but as per our By-Laws, the Board Chair and the Secretary need to be elected each year. We will post a copy of our current By-Laws on the website in the near future.   (Thanks to the excellent work of John Weatherford, our crack website coordinator, along with the assistance of Susan Field, our website is now much easier to navigate.) http://www.friendsoffivepoints.org
We welcome your ideas and suggestions for the issues that you would like to see us discuss. We would also like to hear from our members as to any activities that you would like the FOFP to organize. At our last two meetings, we brainstormed on ways of how our community can get together and opportunities for local businesses to host or sponsor neighborhood events. We are a volunteer organization and we will always count on your leadership and participation on committees for such events. Please send your ideas and suggestions to info@friendsoffivepoints.org.
We thank each of you in participating in our listserv and adding to the dialogue. I wish you a safe and pleasant summer.
Hank Qadir
FOFP Board Chair

P.S. If you would like to check the status of your FOFP membership and/or renew, please see: http://friendsoffivepoints.org/membership/.